Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Vodafone - Making of ZooZoo (Interesting ad concept)

Do you find Zoozoo familiar? You might have seen them on television while watching IPL matches. Zoozoo is an innovative character launched by the mobile company Vodafone to promote its value added services. These are neither animated nor graphically developed, but is a group of girls from South Africa who are performing this in their specially designed costumes.

This is a completely new concept of advertising which does not include any of the celebrities to promote a product. All these ads are of duration ranging 20-30 seconds and being shown during IPL matches on Sony Max channel. Vodafone spent INR 30 million (3 crores) to make these ads. They are coming up with 30 different ads to promote various value added services; of these 15 are already aired and remaining 15 are being made.

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