Friday, May 22, 2009

The Corporate Communication !!

Engineer to Team Leader:

"We can't do this proposed project. It will involve a major design
change and no one in our team knows the design of this system. And above
that, no body in our company knows the formulation in which this
application has been written. So even if somebody wants to work on it,
they can't. If you ask my personal opinion, the company should never
take these type of projects."

Team Leader to Project Manager:

"This project will involve a design change. Currently, we don't have any
staff who has experience in this type of work. Also, the language is
unfamiliar to us, so we will have to arrange for some training if we
take this project. In my personal opinion, we are not ready to take on a
project of this nature."

Project Manager to General Manager:

"This project involves a design change in the system and we don't have
much experience in that area. Also, not many people in our company are
appropriately trained for it. In my personal opinion, we might be able
to do the project but we would need more time than usual to complete

General Manager to Vice President :

"This project involves design re-engineering. We have some people who
have worked in this area and others who know the implementation
language. So they can train other people. In my personal opinion we
should take this project, but with caution."

Vice President to CEO :

"This project will demonstrate to the industry our capabilities in
remodeling the design of a complete legacy system. We have all the
necessary skills and people to execute this project successfully. Some
people have already given in house training in this area to other staff
members. In my personal opinion, we should not let this project slip by
us under any circumstances."

CEO to Client :

"This is the type of project in which our company specializes. We have
executed many projects of the same nature for many large clients. Trust
me when I say that we are the most competent firm in the industry for
doing this kind of work. It is my personal opinion that we can execute
this project successfully and well within the given time frame.

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