Thursday, November 17, 2011

Friday, November 11, 2011

A couple of secs.. (joke) ;)

A little girl runs out to the backyard where her father is working, and asks him, "Daddy, what's Sex?"

"OK," he thinks, "this day was bound to come, and I'm not going to let my little princess learn about sex from the streets."

So, he sits her down, and tells her all about the birds and the bees. He tells her about conception, intercourse, puberty and menstruation.

Then she asks, "Daddy, what is 'A Couple'?"

And he carries on, "A couple is two people like your mom and me." And he goes on to describe gay, lesbianism, etc...

The father finally asks, "So why did you want to know about 'a couple' and 'Sex'?"

"Oh, mummy said lunch would be ready in a couple of secs..." the girl replies.

Moral: If you don't understand the question properly, even the well-described answers are useless.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

World Cup 2022 - Doha, Qatar

One small nation dared to dream...and dream BIG! Here's what happens when dreams come true!


Umm Slal Stadium in Umm Slal. To be built. Expected capacity 45,120

Al-Khor Stadium in Al-Khor. To be built. Expected capacity: 45,330

DohaPort Stadium in Doha. To be built. Expected capacity: 44,950

The showpiece stadium and venue for the World Cup final, the Lusail Iconic Stadium will be a masterpiece of engineering.

EducationCityStadium in Al-Rayyan. To be built. Expected capacity 45,350

Lusail Iconic Stadium in Al-Daayen. To be built. expected capacity 86,250

SportsCity Stadium in Doha. To be built. Expected capacity 47,560

The stadium is located in south eastern Qatar, albeit just 40 miles from Doha. It's shape bears similarities to a nearby fort that is one of the most important landmarks of Qatar, The Umm Salal Mohammed Fort

Al-Shamal Stadium in Al-Shamal. To be built. Expected capacity: 45,120

The stadium's shape derives from traditional fishing boats known as 'dhow'

To combat the searing heat, air conditioning units will be installed in this and all of the other stadiums

Al-Wakrah Stadium in Al-Wakrah. To be built. Expected capacity 45,120

Following the World Cup, the stadium will be downsized to 25,000 seats for use by the University hockey team

Built in 2003 and currently with a capacity of just 25,000, the Al-Gharrafa Stadium will require significant redvelopment to achieve the vision below

Khalifa International Satdium in Al-Rayyan. Major renovation. Expected capacity 68,030

And here's how the stadium, designed by Albert Speer Partner, will look from across the harbour

Al-Gharrafa Stadium in Al-Rayyan. Major renovation. Expected capacity: 44,740

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