Monday, September 29, 2008

The ten best romantic gifts

Love cannot be translated into materialistic pleasures, but for some, expensive and lavish gifts are the best way to express their romantic feelings.According to The Independent, a Vintage Timepiece is a truly timeless present with style and shape to suit all. The watch needs to have a collectiblity factor that ensures that they become more valuable as time goes by.

The second best gift is a romantic film just for two. Hire an entire cinema, exclusively for you and your partner, showing your favourite slushy movie, whether it's Gone With The Wind or Sleepless in Seattle.

Words they say is the best way to express your love, so standing third in the list is a bespoke book bound, which could turn out to be a very intimate way to express your affection. Either you can pen your own verses, or have your loved one's favourite books bound. This will certainly be a lasting and unique expression of your love.

Vintage Wine and Chocolates stand fourth in the list, while a drive in style garbs the fifth position. Plan a an unforgettable day in a chauffeur-driven vintage or classic car, and you'll surely have your partner falling all over in love once again.

The 10 best romantic gifts are:

1. Vintage Timepiece
2. A Romantic Film Just For Two
3. Words of Love
4. Vintage Wine and Chocolates
5. Drive in Style
6. Up, Up and Away (Hot air balloon)
7. Fragrant Memories (perfumes)
8. Trip in steam engine- The Venice-Simplon Orient Express
9. If Music be the Food of Love (cook sumptuous food)
10. Weekend Break (ANI)

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