Friday, May 6, 2011

32.5 ft Dosa enters Guiness Book of Records

Ahmedabad based Restaurant (Sankalp Chain Of Restaurants) which already holds the Guinness Record for making 30.5 ft long dosa in February 2006, broke their own record by preparing 32.5 ft long Dosa in less than 40 minutes on 19th August 2009. The Dosa was named after "Quick Gun Murugun", a Bollywood movie that highlights the merits of vegetarianism.

A team of 16 chefs and eight helpers practiced for the past 10 days to get the correct length. "It required proper coordination among the men for spreading the batter across the hot plate simultaneously," one of the chefs Swami Goda said.

Another member of the team, Sajjan Singh, said it was difficult to handle the dosa on a 35-feet-long hot plate (tawa) and to maintain a steady temperature across the length.

Sankalp restaurant first entered the Guinness Book of Records in March 1997 by making a 25-feet-long dosa.

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