Sunday, February 10, 2008

5 ways to check if some one is lieing

1. Eye Contact
If a liar has a conscience, they will avoid eye contact with you; they may look down at the floor or glance at nothing in particular the moment they tell the lie. If a liar doesn't have a conscience, it will be harder to detect that you're being deceived. However, if a story fits together almost too well, if they look a little too sincere, watch out...

2. Sudden hand movements to hide the face
Another common sign involves the involuntary body movement of moving a hand up towards the face. In doing this, a lier is essentially attempting to cover their mouth almost as if it could hide the lie. Studies show that lying can cause a rise in blood pressure and this can cause facial flushing or even itching. The liar will instinctively move their hand to their face to hide the change.

3. Talking quickly
Liars will often tell their stories quickly in an effort to get it over with. They want to change subjects with little time for questions and hope that you won't notice any inconsistencies. Watch out for portions of a conversation that proceed rapidly and compare them to other parts of the discussion that you're having.

4. The avoidance of details
Liars tend to avoid revealing too much detail in order to protect themselves. A lie can be spun on and on, if the original details were vague enough, without too much danger of it catching the liar out. If you suspect someone of lying, ask for more details. Listen for inappropriate pauses in the conversation or a loss of train of thought. If the person is lying an increase in the number of "ums" and "ahs" will almost certainly indicate that they are thinking whilst talking...

5. Your instincts
This is often the most overlooked clue. If you feel like you're being lied to, you're most likely right. Don't ignore your feelings even if you think that you don't have enough evidence. If you know the person well, compare how they are acting at present to how they acted in the past. A desperate liar may even try to turn it all on you and make wild accusations ("Don't you trust me?" "Are you paranoid or something?" "You need help." "You're hurting me because you don't trust me.").

An honest person shouldn't have a problem with answering you if you're interested in their life.

Start checking ! ! !

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